The county squad entertained Humberside over the weekend of 4th/5th March and what an exciting, competitive weekend of darts it was, the overall draw of 18-18 reflecting some superb darts from both sides.

The weekend started in a brilliant fashion for the visitors with their ladies taking 5 out of the 6 available points. Gloucestershire ladies are playing fairly well but just can't seem to close the matches out. Our solitary winner and Lady of the Match was Sharon Nyland who averaged 14.60. The Mens B saw some very tightly contested games and the 6-6 draw left Gloucestershire with a 4 point deficit at the end of the first day's play. There were some good averages throughout the match but Keith Lawrence took the match award, averaging 25.67.

Starting the Sunday with a deficit our Ladies A team really went for it and managed to completely reverse the Ladies B result with a 5-1 win. Amy Collins making her debut in the A side was drawn out last but remained cool, calm and collected picking up the match award with her 21.03 average.

With everything level the Mens A team started well winning the first 3 sets. The momentum then shifted to Humberside until they reached 18 points and left Glos needing to win the last 3 sets to secure a draw. It was nailbiting but Joe Griffiths, Mark Blandford and Aaron Dyer managed to do just that. 6-6 in the Mens A and 18-18 overall. James Hurrell took the Man of the Match averaging 31.95.

Gloucestershire remain in 5th place in the Division 3 table with just 2 matches remaining this season.

Next match is home to Sussex on 1st/2nd April.

All supporters are welcome at Wotton Hall Club, Barnwood.




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